Features For Silicone Bath Mat For Shower

Features for silicone Bath Mat for Shower

NON-SLIP LARGE BATH MAT: The bathtub mat is 35*67cm and 47*47cm for maximum coverage. Our silicone bath mat for shower features 200 suction cups that attach securely on smooth, clean surfaces. Perfect choice for home, spa, gym bath and shower.

PRACTICAL & DURABLE BATHROOM MAT: The surface domes are designed like pebbles to provide a massage experience in the shower. The bath and shower mats features more than 200 drain holes for water circulation, unlike others solid shower mat which easy to be unsanitary.

SAFE & HYGIENIC BATHROOM MAT: silicone bath mat for shower made of machine washable, high-quality vinyl. ECO-FRIENDLY, BPA free and latex free to ensure safety. You can enjoy a healthy better life with this bathmat on the tub or shower floor.

MACHINE WASHABLE: The silicone bath mat for shower is machine washable for hassle-free maintenance. Easy to clean: simply toss the mat into the machine and get a fresh brand new one. No Bleaching.

IMPORTANT TO PREVENT FALLS: Secure suction cups before each use. Silicone bath mat for shower will only attach to clean, smooth surface. Avoid using on textured, tiled, non-smooth and refinished surfaces. Do not use bath oils – may cause slipping. When finished, remove mat and rinse.

Features For Silicone Bath Mat For Shower

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