Features For Silicone Drink Markers For Wine Glass

Features for silicone Drink Markers for Wine Glass

Round colorful silicone wine charms: with 1 open durable hole that encircles around the stem of most type of goblets, not only identifying your glass but providing a secure grip as well.

Various Colors: you can get random markers with different wonderful colors in total, practical wine markers are wonderful for your party.

Nice gift: can be as a gift for your friends, families and host; Decorating and identifying your wine glasses, bottles, cups and so on.

Durable quality: our silicone drink markers are thin and flexible, easy to clean and have a long life

Different designs: your guests will love the feel of these wraps around the stem, enhance the enjoyment of their drink by providing a secure grip on their glass.

Features For Silicone Drink Markers For Wine Glass

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