Features For Silicone Flower Vase For Fridge

Features for silicone Flower Vase for Fridge

??????? ??????????: Silicone flower vase for fridge is easy to use decoration, perfect for creating that extra wholesome feelings for your home, office, restaurant, etc. Cute and customizable, simply stuff with your favorite artificial plant or flower, as well as real floral twig with a bit of water.

?????? ????????: Stick our silicone flower vase for fridge on any smooth surfaces, they are self-sticking, best suitable on any fridge doors, glass windows, ceramic wall tiles, mirrors, etc.

???????? ??? ????????: There will be no installation tools required, no glues or nails are needed. Our silicone flower vase for fridge can be removed and reuse repeatedly without any damage any surfaces it attached to. Make sure to clean the back, as well as the applied surface.

???? ??? ???-????????: No more accidentally breaking the flower vase. Our silicone flower vase for fridge is made with premium quality nano-polymer material, tough and durable. They are also BPA-free and without any harmful chemicals, so you can use them safely for any decorations at home or workplace.

???? ???? ??? ????????: Our silicone flower vase for fridge is the perfect choice for home warming, gift exchange, or a treat for yourself. They can brighten up the space with a touch of vivid color and give you a perfect excuse to add a little nature to your space. 

Features For Silicone Flower Vase For Fridge

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