Features Of Silicone Cable Winder Organizer

Features of  silicone Cable Winder Organizer

Silicone cable winder organizer is made from Silicone, can hold multiple cables in each slot and not easy to get dirty. Five different colors can let you choose the right color to match the surrounding facilities, such as PC, Desk, Wall, Floor. It is easy to install and can be fixed on any clean and smooth surfaces, whether it's a wall, Plastic, wood, glass, metal or rubber or others.

Silicone cable winder organizer will help those cluttered cables and cords around your desk, TV, power strip, filing cabinets, computer or cell phone much nicer, organized, and safer

In order to acheive best adhesive effect, please kindly Sweep Keep Your Desk Organisedthe surface and product, prevent them from dust, wet, heat, oil.

The silicone cable winder organizer can help manage your charging cables, USB cords, power cords, cell phone chargers and so on.

This cable clips is made of premium material, Quality construction built to last, so you won't be worry about the quality even after a long time using it.

Perfect way to keep table clean and look beautiful: Silicone cable clips help you to keep cables organized, make your table clean and look beautiful.

Features Of Silicone Cable Winder Organizer

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