Five common sense of using nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are one of the most widely used protective gloves. They have the characteristics of good extensibility and high impermeability. At the same time, they will not cause allergic reactions like latex gloves, so they are very popular in the medical industry. But even so, we need to pay attention to some things when using nitrile gloves.


5 common sense of using nitrile gloves:

1. Nitrile gloves can effectively prevent organic solvents, and its main advantages are high strength and high elasticity. It is mainly provided for the positions where hands are exposed to liquid chemicals, such as chemical warehouse, alcohol cleaning, etc.

2. When wearing Dingqing gloves for some cleaning operations, because some products will have some sharp edges, and these sharp edges are the most easy to penetrate the Dingqing gloves, and once penetrated even a small hole, it is enough to let the cleaning agent soak into the inside of the gloves, thus making the whole hand cover useless. Therefore, in addition to the requirements of careful operation in use, some industries must also wear gloves with finger cover.

3. Nitrile gloves have no resistance to some highly corrosive things, so when using, we must read the instructions to see what fields it can be used in, and do not exceed its scope of application. For example, some high acid and high corrosion things are totally not allowed, so we can only use special gloves.

4. Nitrile gloves are generally thin and elastic, so you should pay special attention to them when you wear them. You must wear them between your fingers and pull them up slowly.

5. Nitrile gloves generally have a certain service life, when using, you should pay attention to check its service life, do not use it at will, after a certain period of time, this kind of gloves will age, and even have cracks, which can not play any protective role.

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