Formula Of Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Disposable hand sanitizer is usually a gel containing 75% alcohol. The skin and mucous membrane of the opponent's skin are less irritating. Therefore, no hand injury can be caused. To prevent novel coronavirus pneumonia, hand washing can be done by hand sanitizer. The use of disposable hand sanitizer is clean every day. It can effectively prevent the spread and infection of the virus.

Be unbearable to contemplate the novel coronavirus if you are constantly exposed to the outside world. If you don't carefully touch the new coronavirus, the consequences will be unthinkable. Can only rely on frequent hand washing, washing the bacteria carried, it is best to wash with hand sanitizer to enhance the cleaning effect.



DIY material of alcohol hand sanitizer: (take 100ml as an example)

1. 40 drops of aromatic essential oil (about du2ml)

(tea, eucalyptus, bergamot, rosemary, lemon, choose one or three)

2Medicinal alcohol 70ml

(diluted to 70% – 75% alcohol concentration is more bactericidal)

3Aloe gel 28ml

(with moisturizing effect, more soft and moisturizing after use)

Alcohol hand sanitizer practice:

First, take the 100ml glass pressure bottle, pour the fragrant essential oil in sequence, a total of 40 drops.

(tea tree can be used alone or mixed with other essential oils to enrich the aroma)

Second, After the essential oil is evenly distributed, add 70ml medicinal alcohol and mix evenly.

Finally, add in Aloe vera gel and mix well.

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