Function and application of silicone oil

The function of silicone oil is to dilute and lubricate. It can be used in two ways: lubrication and improving lubrication. When making lubrication, it is often used as advanced lubricating oil, shockproof oil, insulating oil, defoamer, release agent, polishing agent, isolating agent and vacuum diffusion pump oil, etc. the emulsion can be used for glazing automobile tires, and polishing the dashboard. When it is used to improve the lubricity, such as methyl silicone oil after emulsification or modification, it is used in the smooth and soft hand finishing of textile finishing, and emulsified silicone oil is added to the shampoo of daily care products to improve the lubricity of hair. Silicone oil has many special properties, such as low temperature viscosity coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high flash point, low volatility, good insulation, low surface tension, no corrosion to metal, non-toxic and so on.

Silicone oil has various viscosities. It has high temperature resistance, wear resistance, dielectric strength and low interfacial tension. It is often used as advanced grease, aseismic oil, transformer oil, antifoaming agent, film removing agent, polishing agent, stripping agent and vacuum pump diffusion pump oil. Dimethyl silicone oil is more common. After the emulsion or modified material, it can be used in the smooth and soft tactile carding of textile products. The pet shampoo of usual care products also adds emulsified silicone oil to improve the moisturizing degree of hair. In addition, there are ethyl methyl silicone oil, hydroxyphenyl methyl silicone oil, nitrile containing methyl silicone oil, methacrylate modified material methyl silicone oil (water-soluble silicone oil), etc.

Silicone oil has a variety of excellent characteristics, so it is widely used in industrial and agricultural production units, national defense science and technology, scientific research and medical service units. It is widely used in electrical equipment insulation layer, mold, demulsification, vibration reduction, extrusion molding, antifouling, moisture-proof, high and low humidity, etc.

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