Function For The Silicone Egg Molds

Function For The silicone Egg Molds

The silicone egg molds containers are FDA approved and free of  bpa, pvc, lead, phthalate, and other toxins, making them completely safe for babies, great for storing milk, chocolate, popsicles, baking cupcakes,vegetable and fruit puree and more. 


This is a 7 cavity Silicone Egg Molds won't stain or gain scuffs and scratches over time, and freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.


It also a silicone ice cube trays for perfect portions of food, broth, cooking wine, sauces, juices and more,can also be used as chocolate molds, soap molds. 

Storage foods for baby, and foods Microwavable, as well as Make ice cube not only cooling your drinks, our ice trays can also be used to make all kinds of summer delicacies, such as popsicles, puddings, fruit jellies, chocolates and cakes, indeed a kitchen gadget for children and adults.

Great for baby use, and also muti function that can for Whiskey, cocktails, making popsicles, coffee, or infusing fruit or herbs. Try infusing mint for that perfect Mojito or strawberries for that delicious lemonade!

Function For The Silicone Egg Molds

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