Function of silicone hand sanitizer bottle cover

In foreign countries, we can often see women hanging cartoon silicone bottle covers on their bags, cars or other places. After curious inquiry, we found that there was no wash hand sanitizer inside. Let's understand the function of silicone gel hand sanitizer bottle cover.

First, it is convenient to carry. The design of silicone hand sanitizer bottle cover is a buckle type, which can be hung anywhere and is convenient to carry. Moreover, the design of 30ml does not take up space.

Second, it has strong decoration. The silicone hand sanitizer bottle cover can be used as any cartoon design. The bottle cover produced by the silica gel multi-color integrated molding process has no simplification, and is completely produced according to the designer's original drawing, which greatly improves the ornamental value. Even if you use the same bag with your friends and hang up cartoon silicone perfume bottle sets, you will become full of personality.

The third is that it can be used repeatedly. After a bottle is used up, it can be filled by yourself without causing waste.

Not only the brand name of the hand washing liquid store is customized, but also other cosmetic products such as lip gloss, nail polish, perfume, etc., will be customized for sale or gift.

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