Function Of The Silicone Ice Ball Trays For Whisky

Feature Of silicone Flexible Tray

The silicone ice ball mold is large enough that melts more slowly than regular ice cubes and prevents watered-down drinks,and fit into most highball and lowball glasses. The silicone ice try for diy is food grade silicone, which are 100% safe and effective at freezing liquids like fruit juice, soup, and even baby food. Better yet, each tray is easy to clean off quickly and they're dishwasher safe.

Easy Use Design : The funnel-shaped water injection is much easier to filling water and avoid over-filling.Unlike stiff Plastic ice cube trays, our flexible ice trays are made of durable silicone. These flexible ice molds can be easily twisted or pushed from the bottom to remove ice cubes for an easy release.

Perfect for a mini bar set up, or fun with the kids.They are round and awesome looking. The tray comes in two pieces, making it very easy to clean.The black one is absolutely great. It is very convenient to fill the water with a funnel. When I lifted the funnel a little, I found that the water would be injected faster. Great product!It’s nice to have around for making mixed drinks as well as just keeping drinks cold for a long time!

Function Of The Silicone Ice Ball Trays For Whisky

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