Function of tire release agent

For the car, the car's tire is a medium that it can start. Then, for the production of the car's tire, the tire mold is used for production. So how to realize the separation of the mold and the successful tire? Then the use of tire release agent is needed.

Why use mold release agent to separate tire mold from tire? In fact, after the tire is successfully made in the mold, part of the tire will be bonded in the mold and can not be separated directly, otherwise it will lead to tire problems, making the tire have defects or hidden dangers. This is a serious problem for the driving of the car, and we should pay attention to this problem. The tire release agent is a kind of functional material which can ensure the smooth separation of mold and finished product. It has good separation effect, and there will be no problems in the separation process. It provides a good form for the smooth use of tire. For this release agent, its role is to ensure the smooth use of tires, in the use of the car is also a good operability, to carry out the actual use.

Function of tire release agent

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