HD-815 whitefly adjuvant – botanical insecticide


HD-815 is a new type of pesticide adjuvant with natural raw materials as the main body. It has good fat solubility, film-forming properties and emulsifying properties. The pests are mainly touch-killed, and they have the function of sticking, suffocating, and corroding the waxy layer of the pests' epidermis to make the pests die. This product is safe for humans, animals and plants, has no residues, has a better control effect on whitefly on fruit trees, cotton, and vegetables, and is safer for natural enemies. Mainly suitable for whitefly and whitefly with piercing and sucking mouthparts. Laodelphax striatellus, rice planthopper, pear planthopper, etc. Especially for long-term application of selective chemical insecticides, this product is more suitable after the pests have developed strong resistance.OMRI organic certification, SGS, Ecocer ,UE certification.


Product main ingredients

Pine Oil Coriander Seed Extract


Light yellow liquid


1. To prepare the dosage, 30-50ml diluted in 15L water, it is best to add 1/3 of the water in the container first, add this product and stir well before adding the remaining water.

2. Timing of Spray: apply in the morning or evening. Depending on the occurrence of insect pests, the number of sprays is determined, and the spraying interval is 6-10 days.

3. Pay attention to the spraying in place, aim at the front and back of the pests and their parasitic leaves, spray evenly from bottom to top, and spray with low-volume 0.7-1mm nozzles for fine mist spraying.


1. It is recommended to use alone.

2. Wear protective clothing and gloves when using this product, and avoid inhaling liquid medicine. Do not eat or drink during the application period. Wash hands and face promptly after application.

3. Pregnant and lactating women are prohibited from contacting this product.4. The used containers should be disposed of properly, and should not be used for other purposes, nor should they be thrown away at will.

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