HD-816 Powdery mildew adjuvant – botanical insecticide


HD-816 is a biological preparation product, which contains: β-1,3-glucanase β-1,6-glucanase and chitinase can inhibit the parasitic effect of fungi, can completely hydrolyze the fungal cell wall, so that the fungus cannot survive .Not only that, this product can also induce plant resistance to pathogens, inactivate pathogenic molds, and prevent pathogens from invading plant cells. Scope of application: powdery mildew, downy mildew, gray mold, late blight, etc.


Product main ingredients

β-1, 3 glucanase   chitinas


Dark brown liquid


1. Dissolve 100-150 ml of this product in 15 liters of water for foliar spraying.

2. After the first spraying, do the second spraying 4-5 days apart, and do the third spraying 15-20 days.


1. This product needs to be prepared for immediate use.

2. Rinse with clean water immediately after contact with skin, mucous membrane and eyes.

3. This product must be stored in a sealed, dark, cool and dry place.

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