Hot stamping technology of printed pattern on silicone products

Relative to Plastic and rubber ,silicone product gifts is a new industry .The related printed technology is a new technology .The print equipment is developing .Now we will tell you how to choose silicone hot stamping printed .
Nowadays ,the hardness of silicone hot stamping printed are more than 60 , mostly are round 80 .If the hardness is too low ,the silicone strip will deformation under high temperature and high pressure , stamping result is not satisfactory . Resilience will not good if the hardness is too high , and the edge of silicone products will extension and Cementation is not strong .Maybe the products will appear burr .
 grass roots of silicone  hot stamping should be 3mm aluminum plate , in order to make sure the Bond Strength and the service life in high temperature and high pressure .

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