How about dimethyl silicone oil use as catalyst

As a lubricant, dimethylsilicone oil has a good flexibility in fabrics and shampoo; as a release agent, it is also very effective in demoulding Plastic products; as a brightener, it can achieve the best effect with the least amount; how about dimethyl silicone oil used as catalyst?

The catalyst made of dimethylsiloxane is a kind of polyorganosiloxane with different polymerization degree. In a chemical reaction, it can change (speed up or slow down) the chemical reaction rate of other substances, but its quality and chemical properties will not change before and after the reaction (which will change during the reaction). The advantages are as follows:

1. Excellent shear stability, can absorb vibration, prevent vibration propagation function, can be used as damping fluid.

2. Excellent thermal oxidation stability, such as thermal decomposition temperature > 300 ℃, low evaporation loss (150 ℃, 30 days, evaporation loss is only 2%), oxidation test (200 ℃, 72h), viscosity and acid value change little.

3. Excellent electrical insulation, volume resistance, etc. in the normal temperature – 130 ℃ range does not change (but the oil can not contain water).

4. The catalyst made of dimethylsilicone oil is a non-toxic, low foaming and anti foaming oil, which can be used as defoamer.

5. The viscosity temperature performance is the best among the liquid lubricants, and the viscosity changes little in a wide temperature range. Its freezing point is generally less than – 50 ℃, and some as high as – 70 ℃. The appearance and viscosity of the oil have no change after long-term storage at low temperature. It is a base oil with high temperature, low temperature and wide temperature range.

It can be seen from the appeal that our dimethylsilicone oil can not only be used as a brightener, lubricant and release agent, but also has advantages as a catalyst.

How about dimethyl silicone oil use as catalyst

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