How About Liquid Silicone Nipple

Liquid silicone nipple is good or not, this is mainly relative to solid silica gel. We think it's better than a solid silicone nipple!

On the appearance, the transparency of liquid silica gel is better, mainly because its raw material is vinyl silicone oil, which is vulcanized by platinum. So transparency is better!

In terms of safety, the liquid silicone nipple is completely vulcanized with platinum, and the solid silicone nipple is also vulcanized with double-25. Platinum sulfide is more than double-25a. In addition, the liquid silicone nipple is made by injection molding method, while the solid silicone nipple is made by molding method. The former is directly ejected without removing the mold, so it is safer and hygienic.

Physical properties are mainly tear resistance, both can be done higher, can ensure not to be bitten.

The main difference between liquid silicone nipple and solid silicone nipple is the transparency. The transparency of liquid silicone nipple is better.


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