How Do Children Wear Children’s Silicone Masks?

Infants under 1 year of age are not suitable for wearing children's silicone masks.

Wearing a children's silicone mask can affect their breathing. Not every child is suitable for wearing a children's silicone mask. Babies under half a year are too young, which can easily lead to their discomfort. If they suffocate, they do not have the ability to break free of children's silicone masks, so it is not suitable to wear children's silicone masks. It is recommended to replace:

1, try not to go out.

2, adults wear children's silicone masks to reduce the possibility of bacterial transmission.

3. If you go downstairs or go out, please wear a child silicone mask for your baby to observe your baby's breathing, face, mood, etc.;

How do children wear children's silicone masks?

The first key point is to protect children from viruses. Your baby should wear a child's silicone mask when he or she goes out, and parents should check your child's breathing at all times.

How Do Children Wear Children's Silicone Masks?

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