How Hard A Silicone Mask Is Against The Virus

In early 2020, all events from all over the world has nothing to do with the movie "roaming the earth" in a word: "at first, no one CARES about the disaster" this is a fire, a drought, the extinction of a species, the loss of a city, until it is related to everyone in wuhan, we all think that as long as we do protective measures, we have long distances away from usBut as we see the national statistics grow day by day, our hearts continue to be tense and compassionate, but our daily lives continue, and more and more doctors and patients on the Internet calling for help can only be tense and compassionate, but our daily lives continue.

How resistant is it to viruses?As the spread of COVID – 19, the national people's panic, all kinds of antivirus products have been sold out, we all know that will be coronavirus is basically droplets air, cause infection, so the mask is everyone's key protective equipment, various masks on the market at present basically is a jewel of great price, all kinds of masks are used up, disposable surgical masks has become a luxury. "" it is difficult to buy a lot of friends, but gas silica gel mask is really a good product, so the silicone mask in the epidemic can be a practical protective equipment.

From the point of the current situation, it is best not to wear a face mask, although it is difficult to buy a mask in many places, but in the special period choose silica gel mask is also a good protective measures silica gel mask at present is mainly used in coal mine, steel and other industries, at high dust is more, work environment to achieve effective dustproof effect, so choose it to prevent will be coronavirus is not a problem silica gel mask is mainly according to the principle of fan, after joining filter filter internally, and the wind blowing into the mouth and nose with fan, increase breathing smooth feel.

Among its protection levels the same as the N95 mask, filter and filter are basically the same, but the silica gel mask basically belongs to the principle of electric fan, it is recommended that the general public can use the mask as a respirator, but cannot be used in serious pollution of hospitals and other areas, because of the mask is forced to gas supply and exhaust, it is much better than breathing masks and nasal mask "mask airtight integrity cannot be fully guaranteed, and the connection between filter and other components also cannot guarantee that there is no gap and air leakage.

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