How Much Data Can An RFID Band Store?

How Much Data Can An RFID Band Store?

When we use the rfid band in the spa, fitness or waterpark, we will find that the types of data stored on RFID tags include identity certificates, purchase credits, coupons, access control to hotels or VIP areas, and even social media information.

Therefore, when you pass the checkpoint, you can choose to automatically post events or photos to social media by your rfid band.

These types of information usually do not require much data to save.

The largest passive RFID tags can store up to 3720 bytes or 3.72 kilobytes of information. This is enough to store personal data, such as someone's name, address, credit card authorization and identity information.

UHF (ultra high frequency) tags can store up to 8 KB of information.

For access control systems, RFID tags usually do not exceed 3 KB.

Then the rfid band will be the best choice for us to use in the events and so on.

How Much Data Can An RFID Band Store?

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