How much silicone rubber products do you know

silicone rubber products with methyl vinyl silicone rubber based adhesive, adding various  fillers through  mixing, book, filtering, adding sulphur molding, extrusion and other production process is made. The silicone rubber products have the following characteristics:

1.High and low temperature resistance: in 200 degrees silicone rubber products can be used for a long time, in -60 degrees it still is elastic.

2.Electrically insulating properties: silicone rubber dielectric property is excellent, especially under high temperature dielectric properties significantly more than the general organic rubber.

3.Excellent resistance to weather, Ozone resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation resistance, long-trem outdoor use does not crack. It is generally believed that silicone rubber products can be used in the open air for more than 20 years.

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