How often do I need to change my mask 2

1. Direct transmission

People who sneeze, cough, taChina in droplets or even exhale air carry the virus, and direct inhalation at close contact can cause infection.

Breathing and howling by sick people or animals carrying the virus also have the virus, which can cause infection.However, this requires close contact.

2. Aerosol propagation

Droplets of sneezes, coughs and taChina float in the air, and large particles deposit down, while particles smaller than 2.5 PM in diameter mix into the air and form aerosols.When inhaled, it becomes infected.

3. Contact transmission

Droplets from a patient's sneeze or cough, though initially scattered in the air, will eventually deposit on the floor, tables and chairs, doorknobs and other everyday objects, as well as on the patient's saliva, sputum, saliva and other secretions, as well as on everyday objects touched by hands contaminated with various secretions, leaving the virus on them.

If the hands of normal people contact with items contaminated by the virus, the hands will be contaminated, and then contact their own mouth, nose, eyes and other mucous membranes, can cause infection, which is called direct or indirect contact transmission.

Knowing how respiratory infectious diseases are transmitted, we can take the following preventive measures:

1) Whether you cough, sneeze, or runny nose, always cover it with paper and a handkerchief.If there is nothing to use, use your hands to cover, do not sneeze at others, cough.

2) Keep a distance of more than 1 meter between people, especially in face-to-face taChinas.Parties should be avoided during the epidemic season.

3) Suspected infectious diseases should be isolated as soon as possible.Do not visit suspected patients with infectious diseases.

4) In the season of high incidence of infectious diseases, do not join the crowd, try to avoid crowded places.

5) Keep the room constantly ventilated at work and at home.

6) Do not spit everywhere, if there is really no place to spit, you can spit on the paper, when convenient to put it in its home.

7) Maintain personal hygiene, especially hands.Wash your hands frequently and avoid dirty hands touching your mouth, eyes and nose.


1) Do more physical exercise, improve physical fitness and immunity.

2) Reasonable work and rest, do not stay up late, do not work.Fatigue can make the body resistance decline, therefore, to maintain a regular life, ensure adequate sleep, develop a good habit of life, is a good way to prevent disease.

3) Pay close attention to fever, cough and other symptoms. If such symptoms occur, please go to the nearest doctor in time.

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