How often do I need to change my mask I

Some people may wear a surgical mask all day long to prevent infection, but this can weaken the mucous membranes of the nose, losing its original physiological function and lowering resistance.Therefore, masks may not be worn in areas with low population density and high ventilation.

It should be reminded that the protective effect of any type of mask is time-limited and must be replaced regularly. It is recommended to replace the mask every 2~4 hours.If the mask is contaminated, replace it immediately.

When the medical mask is not in use, fold it and keep it in a zipper bag. It is not recommended to take the mask off and put it directly in the pocket or bag, which will easily cause secondary pollution of the medical mask.Be sure to fold into a clean ziplock bag and fold the side that touches your nose and mouth inwards.

You can't buy a mask, but you can prevent infection that way

Respiratory infectious diseases spread among themselves in three main ways.

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