How Primary School Students Prevent COVID-19 Infection Pneumonia

Novel coronavirus is a major disease in primary school students. Because of its age, it is still not very good. However, because of the outbreak of new coronavirus this year, many people are infected with respiratory diseases and the epidemic is serious. Novel coronavirus infection and primary school students should be prevented and prevented when the epidemic is not well controlled and the vaccine is not developed in time.




Novel coronavirus infection in primary school students?




1. We can't go to the affected areas or public places.




Students should pay attention to avoid going to places where there is an epidemic or where there is a dense population. In particular, they should not go to places with poor air mobility, and they should not touch people with fever or respiratory tract infection. If you have to go out, you should pay attention to personal hygiene, wear masks, and keep a distance from others. More than one meter is the most appropriate.




2. Wash your hands a lot.




Students should be careful not to touch public objects in public places. They should wash their hands in time after going home or covering their coughs with their hands, before eating and after going to the bathroom. For example, they should use "hand sanitizer" and "soap" to wash their hands under running water for 20 seconds. Alcohol based "hand sanitizer" can also be used. If you are not sure whether your hands are clean or not, you must pay attention not to touch the "mouth, nose, eye" and other parts with your hands; the correct way is to pay attention to the use of "paper towel" or "sleeve elbow clothes" to cover.




3. Pay attention to develop healthy health habits.




Students at home must pay attention to maintaining their personal hygiene. At home, they should pay more attention to ventilation, drying quilts and clothes. They should also pay attention to keeping clean when eating. "Spitting everywhere" must not be allowed. Primary and secondary school students must pay attention to the use of paper towels to wrap "mouth and nose secretions", and pay attention to timely placing them in the garbage can with a cover, so as to effectively avoid infecting others; nutrition, sports and work and rest are issues that need to be paid attention to by primary and secondary school students.




4. Consciously monitor their own health.




When students feel a fever, they should inform their parents in time and consciously measure the temperature; if they find that they have fever or cough and other respiratory tract infections, they should pay attention to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Thermometers, disinfectants and primary masks are all needed at home.




Two, how to novel coronavirus?




1. Pay attention to personal hygiene habits and reduce going out.




Primary and secondary school students must pay attention to never go to crowded places. If they want to go out, they must wear masks at any time. At the same time, when they contact others, they should pay more attention to keep a distance, and pay more attention to ventilation and personal hygiene.




2. The importance of home segregation.




"Isolation at home" means to live independently and avoid contacting family members as much as possible; place cleaning and disinfection must be paid attention to to to prevent "cross infection". When primary and secondary school students have to go out, they must pay attention to wearing a surgical mask, or N95 mask with better anti infection effect.




Novel coronavirus should be properly handled by primary school students, and personal hygiene should be avoided. Meanwhile, people should avoid going to the crowd's secret places, so that they can effectively avoid being infected by virus and affect their own health, so as to avoid making their family and themselves suffer.

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