How Should Schools Prevent Coronavirus

How should schools prevent coronavirus


How should schools prevent novel coronavirus? To help you understand, the editor of medical education network shares the following contents:




1. Before returning to school, students who have lived or traveled in high epidemic areas (such as Wuhan) are recommended to return to school after 14 days of home observation.




2. Students should monitor their temperature and health status every day after returning to school, try to reduce unnecessary going out and avoid contacting other personnel.




3. In the environment where students have close contact with other teachers and students, they should correctly wear medical surgical masks or N95 masks to minimize the scope of activities.




4. The school shall closely monitor the health status of the students, take the temperature twice a day, and make records of absence, early leave and leave. In case of any suspicious symptoms among the students, the school shall immediately report to the epidemic management personnel, and cooperate with the medical and health institutions to manage and disinfect the close contacts.




5. Schools should try to avoid organizing large-scale collective activities. It is suggested to strengthen the ventilation and cleaning in the activity areas such as classrooms, dormitories, libraries, activity centers, canteens, auditoriums, teachers' offices and washrooms, and equip with hand sanitizers and hand sanitizers.




6. The school shall carry out online teaching and make-up for students who have missed the course due to illness. For those who have delayed the examination due to illness, make-up shall be arranged instead of being recorded in the archives.


 How Should Schools Prevent Coronavirus



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