How to calculate the hydrogen content in hydrogen silicone oil

Appearance: the appearance of silicone oil, hydrogen methyl silicone oil is generally colorless or yellowish transparent liquid. When we introduced the identification of true and false silicone oil, we mentioned that inferior silicone oil is usually turbid. The color of silicone oil is a very important standard to distinguish the quality of silicone oil.

Hydrogen content: the biggest difference between methyl hydrogen silicone oil and other silicone oil. Familiar with methyl silicone oil at a glance, we can see that it is the size of N in the molecular structure that determines the hydrogen content, because the capping groups of general methyl silicone oil are the same.

Kinematic viscosity: when we introduced the previous two kinds of silicone oil, we mentioned that kinematic viscosity refers to the ratio of dynamic viscosity and density of liquid at the same temperature.

Specific gravity: the ratio of volume to density of a substance.

Refractive index: refractive index can be used as a measure of liquid purity standards, can be used to determine the composition of the liquid.

Acid value: an index to measure the pH value of products. The pH value of silicone oil products indicated by the above parameters is generally between 6 and 8.

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