How to calculate the quotation of silicone rubber mold?


How to calculate the silicone mold quotation? The process is different from the rubber, Plastic and other industries, processing methods and processes are more complex, in addition to personnel, machinery, raw materials, and molds, etc. Need for different processes and special processes aside, as you know, need to consider all aspects of price accounting to ensure that the product is processing And the right fit for production.



1. When it comes to price accounting for silicone, first and foremost, the weight of the product is of utmost importance. In the silicone rubber products industry, no one will quote accurately if the product does not have a weight, so many inquiries, and customers need 3D Drawings or samples to calculate the weight of the product when they need a quote. For calculating the weight of the product, the product volume x silicone density is usually used. The silicone rubber products industry is known to have a density of 0.0012, so if you multiply the density of the silicone by the volume of the product, if the product The weight of the silicone is not the weight of the silicone, then the product can not only determine the production of silicone material, so the density of the silicone can not only determine the density of The weight of the product and you can also know if it is of silicone quality.

2. After the weight calculation is completed, compare the first mold of the product with the first mold of the mold to see the weight of the product and the burr of the Weight, quantity of raw materials, curing time and smooth processing, the above calculations complete the profitability of the silicone products manufacturer. Ensure that the product can be processed at a reasonable price, so the quoted price of the product is not only related to the weight, but also to the factors of the machine and the Human factors related, the intermediate production process is the key to solve major product quality problems.

Therefore, it is not only under the growth and operation of the machine and the precision of the tooling but also to enhance the quality of the operating techniques and the quality of the operators and quality control personnel to meet certain requirements.


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