How To Choose A Placemat?

I recently found that almost every household has used placemats, placemats with anti-scalding, non-slip role, can be a good protection of the dining room table; secondly, placemats in different colors and shapes, but also used to decorate the desktop, coffee table, etc., embellish the monotonous restaurant mood, is a family essential items. Commonly used placemats mainly have the following materials.
1、Bamboo placematsHow To Choose A Placemat?
Bamboo placemats, insulation effect is the best, completely protect the dining table, to prevent the high heat on the table damage.
2、Plastic placematsHow To Choose A Placemat?
Plastic-made placemats, heat insulation effect naturally needless to say, the biggest feature is decorative, this material is not only flat placemats, but also three-dimensional, cartoon, animals and other desired shape are available.
3、Cotton placematsHow To Choose A Placemat?
Cotton fabric made of placemats, with strong water absorption, soft material can fit well on the table, effective control of the heat of the tableware, fast protection of the table, and cotton is easy to clean, but also do not have to worry about the ball off the silk and other troubles.
4、Paper cloth placematHow To Choose A Placemat?
Very environmentally friendly material, insulation effect and decorative effect are very good, but can not be cleaned with water.
5、Linen placematsHow To Choose A Placemat?
Hemp placemat as the name suggests is made of hemp material, this material is very durable, long service life, but also has the effect of insect and moth resistance, can extend the service life of the dining table.
6、silicone placematsHow To Choose A Placemat?
Silicone placemats are now the most used placemats, environmentally friendly materials, diversified shape, insulation effect is also very good, practical and beautiful, and placemats and decoration in one; and affordable, easy to clean, not moldy, not corrosive and other advantages, so the majority of families favored.
Through the above comparison of various materials for placemats, I believe that you have a good idea of which material to choose for placemats.

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