Living With Silicone Stretch Lids

Are you looking for a better way to store your food and keep it fresh all while not using expensive Plastic wrap?Today I want to introduce you something about the hot sale product in Amazan–silicone stretch lid.
Living With Silicone Stretch Lids
Can silicone stretch lids good for keeping food or fruit fresh?These silicone lids are made of eco-friendly food grade silicone.Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe, NO discoloration & heat resistant up to 450 ℉. Simply cover your food and heat in microwave or freeze. So it is healthy for adult and Baby food storage.
Compared with plastic wrap, what are the advantages of silicone dish covers?1. Reusable & Save.Made with high-quality food grade silicone,silicone stretch covers can be reused, so there is no need to buy a large amount of fresh-keeping film again and again.2.Flexible & Stretchable.This kind of silicone lids are super flexible and stretchy enough to fit round shapes of food containers,you just need a set of silicone stretch lids to meet all your needs.3.Seal Well.Airtight Seal keeps food fresh longer and Keep off Spills. Through final tested ,our silicone stretch lid fit better than before ,it will not been slip easily when the container is heat.
As a professional manufacturer, we have served many international traders as well as online retailers. Send us your drawing paper or talk with our salesman from email please if you have a good idea about silicone product! Let us work together to come out a creative silicone product!

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