How To Choose A Silicone Kneading Mat?丨china Silicone

We believe that everyone has used silicone kneading mats, which have the good abrasion resistance and won't be torn off, and also have good elasticity, and can keep the products clean and tidy. So silicone kneading mat now becomes a common tool for making dumplings, buns, kneading and rolling dough. So how to choose a silicone kneading mat?
Silicone kneading mat can be used when making pasta and pastry, and it can play the role of anti-slip and anti-fall when kneading, so it can also be called silicone anti-slip mat. Silicone kneading mat is made of food-grade silicone, which can withstand high temperatures above 220 degrees, and non-toxic, very safe, with a long life beautiful, colorful, not easy to breed bacteria, can be used repeatedly, easy to clean, does not take up space, loved by many kitchen professionals.
When making bread and heads, the anti-sticky chopping board is much better. In order to improve the function of the silicone mat, manufacturers of silicone products have the function of matting the four sides when the bread is kneading with everyone. There is a ruler node, and the size of the round pie is at the bottom of the center. The wooden board does not have a ruler, and there is no silicone kneading pad, which is convenient to use.
The use of silicone kneading mat, is a direct entry, the role of food conditioning silicone products, it is important to pay extra attention to safety. It must be a safe, environmentally friendly material to be guaranteed. Of course, after this epidemic, many people also raised the need for antibacterial.
The need for antibacterial is also becoming more and more important. Nowadays, with the development of society becoming more and more prosperous, people are also more interested in health.
As a result, the requirements for silicone kneading mats have also increased a lot. For example, if you want a silicone kneading mat with antibacterial function, you have to make sure that this antibacterial silicone kneading mat has green pollution and no harm, so that consumers can use it without worry. The antibacterial silicone kneading mat is also inherited, with many excellent physical and chemical properties.
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