How To Choose A Thermometer

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for thermometer increased rapidly. However, many enterprises and merchants found that the thermometer they bought were of low accuracy and large deviation, and the actual effect was not good


How should thermometer choose, market to supervise a branch to suggest




I. Try to purchase medical thermometer. Through verification, it is found that the thermometer purchased by some enterprises is an infrared thermometer with a temperature of -50~750. It is not specially used for temperature measurement and is prone to large errors and poor repeatability in temperature measurement.




2. Carefully understand the matters needing attention before purchase, strictly follow the operation instructions, and confirm the "temperature" measurement mode before use. The dual-use thermometer of ear temperature and forehead temperature purchased by some units have high repeatability in the measurement, but there is a certain deviation value (2-4) from the normal body temperature. Before using, the user should compare the temperature measured by the thermometer with the contact thermometer to correct the deviation.


Third, try to use in a suitable environment for temperature measurement. At present, the temperature difference between morning and night is large, and the thermometer use environment requirements are generally 15~35, the outdoor temperature is difficult to meet the requirements of temperature measuring conditions, resulting in the temperature measured by the thermometer is too low. Users should try their best to measure the temperature of people indoors to avoid direct sunlight and environmental thermal radiation. If it is a place where people gather, the measured object should stay in the measuring environment for 3-5 minutes as far as possible, so that the measured temperature will be more accurate.

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