How To Choose Hand Sanitizer During The COVID19

During the COVID-19, hand sanitizer is important in our life. Some hand sanitizer contains 75% alcohol or 70% alcohol, which can kill the virus well.


Some hand sanitizer contains chlorine containing disinfectant and can also kill virus well. Also note that hand sanitizer can not replace soap. Because if you have more grease or more dust on your hands, hand sanitizer will reduce the effect.


To prevent novel coronavirus infection, we can use heating method to irradiate ultraviolet rays, or disinfect liquid to inactivate virus. For example, 75% of alcohol or chlorine containing disinfectant can be used, or ether can do it.

How To Choose Hand Sanitizer During The COVID19

75% alcohol can effectively protect against a variety of viruses and bacteria. E. coli, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis and other dozens of pathogenic microorganisms have strong inhibition and killing effects, and will not produce drug resistance. Free cleansing gel can effectively inhibit bacteria: prevent influenza virus, fast and effective sterilization, inhibit bacterial breeding, effective bacteriostatic rate as high as 99.9%! Easy to use: wash your hands freely at any time and anywhere, wash free, dry quickly and do not touch your hands, and take care of your health conveniently!

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