How To Choose Mask Correctly

How to choose mask correctly? During the epidemic, especially in cities that have returned to work, masks have become necessary for going out. So how to choose the right masks? Today, I'm going to learn some tips about how to choose disposable masks, hoping to let more people know how to choose masks.


 1Reasons for using masks


First of all, we must confirm the reason why we buy masks, so as to make a better choice of masks. After all, there are many types of masks on the market. There are ordinary masks, ordinary medical masks, medical surgical masks, N94, N95 masks, etc. not every mask is suitable for use. During this year's epidemic, we are more concerned about how to choose to prevent viruses or fly Foam, and for those who want to buy masks to prevent haze, we need to pay more attention to these two situations when buying masks, because some illegal businesses always catch the masses and don't know much about masks, use some masks that can't prevent virus or droplets to pretend medical masks, use some masks that can't prevent haze to pretend haze masks can be conspired The price is very high.




2Price of masks


How to choose mask correctly? Of course, the high cost performance is what you want, of course, the price is also a factor to consider, after all, there are many types of masks on the market. So there will be many different choices in terms of price, but it still needs to be judged according to personal needs. After all, everyone has different requirements for quality and brand. Some people don't think that there is too much difference between masks, but some people who pay more attention to what kind of advantages or effects they will have. But when the epidemic broke out in January this year, it was more difficult to find a mask, and we were willing to pay a higher price to buy masks. If we want to choose a mask with a special effect in a special period, for example, the price of medical surgical masks will be more expensive.




3Quality problems of masks


The quality of masks is also a very important issue to consider. How to choose masks correctly? After all, masks are not as monotonous as they used to be. It has a variety of functions, so it is necessary to distinguish which masks have better quality when choosing? There are even many disposable masks, medical surgical masks, although they look very similar, but actually there are many differences between the quality. So before I choose the recommended mask, I must first check the relevant information to determine which material and quality is the mask I want.




4Mask material problems


The materials and quality of common masks, common medical masks, N94, N95 masks are different. Some of the masks are made of gauze and some of them are made of non-woven fabric. But if it is used to prevent haze, the selected material will be relatively fine, because this can filter the dust, so we need to choose masks according to the material problems. When choosing virus protection and droplet protection, we should consider more closed, but breathable material, non-woven fabric.

How To Choose Mask Correctly

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