How to choose medical silicone tube glue?


Manufacturers in the silicone manufacturing industry often encounter the same problem, which kind of strong adhesive is good for medical silicone tube? Silicone rubber strip extrusion, silicone tube forming is familiar to many manufacturers of silicone tube production process, and medical silicone tube bonding how to choose a good adhesive, but many people do not understand, especially new manufacturers, in the selection of strong adhesive time is very worried.


Medical silicone tubes in the selection of raw materials, production equipment, adhesives, and other aspects of the rules are extremely high. In industrial production, many hydraulic seals are made of silicone and silicone rubber, but there are also many areas where silicone rubber strips are used, such as electronic components and silicone rubber household goods. Silicone rubber materials have distinctive physiological forces of inertia. Thus, in the harsh environment of strong versatility, medical silicone rubber tube, medical silicone rubber belt which can be in direct contact with the body, skin, blood night, blood and other sites is more stringent regulations. Such as hose, inhalation hydration mask, throat cover, balloon, and other goods.


Medical silicone plastic hose manufacturing will be based on special commodities that must be carried out with other medical material bonding, such as medical silicone plastic hose bonding medical PVC, laminated glass, PC, stainless steel metal, etc., generally used three universal medical silicone rubber.


1.One-component transparent color paste KJ-998 and KJ-998H for silicone adhesive and sealing.
2.KJ-998A and KJ-998A-1; can be firmly adhered to the single-lumen or double-lumen silicone laryngeal mask.
3.KJ-998BL medical silicone developer strong adhesive, generally one-component dark blue and light blue silicone strong adhesive, commonly used in medical silicone hoses, application: with adhesive, blocking, sealing and other efficacy.


The three medical silicone adhesives mentioned have one thing in common, that is, they must be tested according to FDA food-grade stainless steel verification and ISO 10993 (biocompatibility verification: cytotoxicity biocompatibility, skin irritation biocompatibility, skin allergic reaction biocompatibility), which is also a way to clarify the medical silicone tube adhesive.


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