How To Clean Silicone Collapsible Straw

How to clean silicone collapsible straw? 

Silicone collapsible straw can be recycled , but not simply like Plastic or aluminum by throwing it in the recycling bin.

So, cleaning reusable straws is important to prevent the accumulation of mold and bacteria. How to clean reusable straws depends on the type of material used. For example, plastic straws may melt in the dishwasher, so people usually just put them under the tap and then remove them with a bristle cleaner. Since silica gel straws can withstand extreme temperatures, they can be cleaned more thoroughly to prevent mold and bacterial build-up by:

1. Clean the inside of the straw with a cleaning brush

2. Clean the inside of the straws thoroughly with a suction cleaner

3. Clean and disinfect by passing a straw through the dishwasher

4. Boil the straw in water for a short time.

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