How to deal with impurities in the processing of silica gel products?

When silicone products are processed, especially when processed into wires, there are white or black impurities on the surface of the wires, which cannot be solved by adding filters.

What are the reasons for such problems in silicone products?

To understand the problem of impurities, it is necessary to understand the formulation technology and process flow of the product. Generally speaking, normal recipes and operating procedures may be caused by system management issues.

there are many reasons:

  • 1. The environment is poor, the rubber smelting is close to the production and vulcanization area, there is more dust, and the white filler carbon dust is more floating on the product.
  • 2. The possible existence of the product, poor management, impurities, etc. have all gone in.
  • 3. The product turnover box and other things are not cleaned up, which also causes pollution.
  • 4. In the production area, white products and black products are vulcanized together. The black scrap is blown onto the product.

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