How to deal with watch water

Watch water is a troublesome thing, how do we handle watch water it? There are several ways:

First, such as a watch being soaked by water, can use a few layers of tissue paper or easy to absorb the water table flannel tight pack tightly, in 40 watts of about 15 centimeters place near the light bulb, about 30 minutes of baking, water vapor in table can be moisture. Avoid by all means make watch watch near the fire by direct baking, lest make table suffer hot deformation.

Second, make watch inward, outward against the buttom shell, worn on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be eliminated. If the water is serious, you should immediately send table stores oil wipe, clear movement of water, in order to avoid parts rust.

Third, with a particulate silica gel and have water watch together into a sealed container, after a few hours, take out watch, water will be all disappeared. This method is simple and economic, on the precision and life without any damage. Have several times after absorbing the silica gel can be in 120 degrees dry under several hours, water absorption capacity of renewable, can be repeatly used.

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