How To Demould Easily When Baking Cakes?

How To Demould Easily When Baking Cakes?

When baking pastry, the most important thing is its aesthetics. If the appearance of the pastry is damaged due to difficulty in demolding when baking desserts and cakes, it is undoubtedly a troublesome thing, then what should we do? How to solve the problem of difficult demolding?

No matter if we make cakes, pies, toasts and other pastries, we will need baking molds more or less. Molds include metal cake molds, silicone food molds, and paper cake molds (such as muffin cups).

Silicone food molds generally have anti-stick properties. When using a silicone food mold with anti-sticking function to bake pastry, under normal circumstances, special anti-sticking measures are not needed. After baking, the pastry will be easily separated from the mold. But sometimes, using certain fancy molds, hoping that the cakes and other works we bake can maintain a very intact pattern, and a thin layer of butter is still applied to the mold to make it better anti-sticking. This is why we recommend applying a thin layer of butter on silicone cake molds when making Madeleine cakes.

    If the cake mold itself does not have the anti-sticking function, the cake mold needs to be processed before baking the pastry. Under normal circumstances, you can follow the steps below:

    1. After the butter is heated and melted into a liquid state, use a brush to dip the butter on the inner wall of the mold (or directly apply the softened butter on the inner wall of the mold by hand).

    2. Sprinkle some dry flour on the buttered mold.

    3. Gently shake the cake mold to make the flour evenly stick to the inner wall of the cake mold.

    4. Pour out the excess flour, and the mold will be processed.

How To Demould Easily When Baking Cakes?

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