How to disinfect silicone tube in life

silicone tube in our lives everywhere,we are more focused on healthy eating in the community now .Our daily necessities contains some parts of silicone tube, but they do not know how to disinfect.

Today, the Shen Zhen Jiajie Silicone Co., Ltd’s editor share how to disinfect the silicone tube by oneself.Simple and achievable disinfection-disinfect the silicone tube by high temperature .

The biggest advantage is the low temperature resistant and high temperature resistant performance all wonderful.Usually, the boiled water temperature in the pressure cooker is a maximum of 100 degrees Celsius.Silicone tube used in the high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius without any problems.

So we can disinfect the silicone tube by boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes,then to wash the silicone tube wall with tube brush.  And then boil silicone tube bout 3 minutes with boiled water again.If circumstances allowed,silicone tube can also be disinfected in microwave.

These methods sterilized thoroughly, convenient, and don’t have any impact on the silicone tube.

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