How to distinguish medical and non medical masks

Many people know that novel coronavirus must be worn with medical masks while there are many kinds of masks sold on the market. If the common people join the medical mask, it is easy to identify which medical masks are used. How do we distinguish between medical and non medical masks?

How to distinguish medical and non medical masks


It is often said that medical masks usually refer to medical protective masks, medical surgical masks and ordinary medical masks.


1. Medical protective mask


The technical standard of medical protective mask is GB 19083-2010. The words "GB 19083-2010" are on the outer package of regular medical protective masks. The common N95, kn95 and kf94 are all medical protective masks.


The protection grade of medical protective mask is divided into 1 grade (95%), 2 grade (99%), 3 grade (99.97%), N95 and kn95 are grade 1, and the filtration effect of medical protective mask on bacteria is more than 95%.

As for N95 and kn95, there is no need to distinguish them too much. Their protection level is the same, but the former is the American Standard, and the latter is the Chinese standard. It is the same to buy either one.

2. Medical surgical mask

The technical standard of medical surgical mask is yy0469-2011. Medical surgical mask is one of the common disposable masks.

"Yy0469-2011" will be printed on the packaging bag of such masks, and the word "medical surgery" will also be included in the product name.

The filtering effect of medical surgical masks on bacteria can also reach 95%, but the use time and fit degree with the face of medical surgical masks are not as good as protective masks.


3. General medical mask

The general medical mask is also a kind of disposable mask. The technical standard is YY / t0969-2013. The words "YY / t0969-2013" will be printed on the packaging bag. The product name is generally "disposable medical mask", without the word "surgery".

The filtration effect of ordinary medical masks on bacteria can reach 95%, but it is not required to block blood, which is one of the main differences between ordinary medical masks and medical surgical masks.

All three masks novel coronavirus are all medical masks. In addition, some common masks, such as cotton masks and activated carbon masks, are not medical masks and can not block viruses.


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