How to distinguish the production process of silicone products

The production process of silicone products can be divided into two main methods: one is to discharge the silicone raw material with a good vulcanizing agent into the forming mold, and form it after a certain period of high temperature vulcanization. The product material of this process is solid silica gel raw material, and the production process includes rubber mixing, smelting, trimming, weighing, molding, and tearing burrs.

How to distinguish the production process of silicone products:

The forming factors are: temperature, pressure, time, exhaust and so on. The silicone products produced by our company are molded and formed. The products produced mainly include industrial silicone miscellaneous parts, sealing rings, daily-use silicone sleeves, and silicone buttons. Silicone products produced by the molding process have the advantages of cheap mold costs, many product shapes, beautiful styles, low prices, and a wide range of applications. They are widely used in daily life and industrial products.

Another process is liquid silicone rubber injection molding products. This process is to directly buy back the required silicone rubber in a sealed barrel and directly produce it with a liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine. After the machine is installed, the entire material flow is sealed. The safety and environmental protection are better when carried out under the state. Silicone products produced by this kind of process have higher mold costs and higher unit prices. They are mainly used in special industries, such as medical care, infant products, and adult products.

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