How to distinguish true and false melt blown cloth masks

Many fake and shoddy mask manufacturers, in order to make profits, use extremely inferior, cheap and substandard raw materials, and can make a huge profit of nearly 10 times in one hand. Some directly omit the most important filter layer of meltblown cloth in the middle and replace it with ordinary non-woven fabric, which does not play a role in filtering virus, and may also cause harm to the body. So how to judge whether the sandwich meltblown cloth in the medical mask is true?

It's easy to identify the two layers of inferior products. A useful medical mask must have three layers, with spunbonded nonwovens on both sides and a melt blown fabric with enough weight in the middle. Good meltblown fabric is white and opaque due to the weight of gram. It is obviously different from spunbonded nonwovens on both sides. To put it bluntly, it looks like paper. If it looks different but obviously thin, it is the melt blown cloth with small gram weight. The thinner the melt blown cloth is, the worse the effect will be.


Simple identification method:

First, as the name implies, the meltblown layer will melt or melt, but will not burn. Paper will burn when it meets fire.

Second, the melt blown layer has static electricity. If you tear the melt blown layer into strips, you will feel the electrostatic adsorption effect obviously. You can also adsorb the melt blown layer by strip on the stainless steel.

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