How to divide masks up and down

An extra a rung of masks have a a little bit hard shaft , called the bridge of the nose, this side to , stickers on the nose, wearing can pinch the , it will stick to the nose, ensure the mask sealing ability of disposable masks have pros and cons, darker blue facing out, side took with lighter color, close to the crease direction of our facial mask is designed with face, if masks to wear the cannot close to live the whole face, outside air bacteria and contaminants will along slit to the upper respiratory tract, mask will not be able to play a filter function.

Also many masks used three layer design type, filter bacteria filter layer is located in the middle of the function of both the front and also different, the most simple mask design, outer layer of waterproof layer, for water absorption layer inside, if wear the absorbent layer becomes a waterproof layer, waterproof layer into a water absorbing layer, this will lead to the saliva attached to the surface of masks, and piling up, might get wet mask, let the mask filtering capabilities.

How to divide masks up and down

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