How to enhance resistance and immunity

Immunity is the body's own defense mechanism, is the body to identify and eliminate foreign invasion of any foreign body, aging, injury, death, degeneration of their cells and to recognize and deal with mutations in the body's ability to cells and virus infection, immunity, according to the get methods can be divided into congenital immune and acquired immune resistance, refers to the central nervous system under the control of the human body each system, division of labor cooperation, close cooperation, to ensure the normal life activities of the human body, among them, the immune system is a very important part of,Strengthen resistance and immunity, daily diet conditioning is the most ideal method in addition, to strengthen exercise, at the same time timely vaccination.

Want to effectively improve the body's resistance, can drink some more at ordinary times is rich in vitamins and trace elements on high oral liquid, can drink some miChina, this was a great help to improve the body's resistance, pay more attention to the collocation of balanced nutrition, eat more fresh delicate food, do more exercise, can also according to the physical situation through more exercise can effectively improve the health of the body.

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