How To Identify Food Grade Silicone Rubber I

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the use of silica gel products in our daily life is more and more common. Compared with Plastic products, silica gel products are more environmentally friendly, in line with people's green and healthy life concept. In fact, many materials in life are replaced by silica gel products.

Do you still only know the surface of silicone products? The material of silica gel products is silica gel in essence, and silica gel is also graded, such as: medical grade silica gel, industrial grade silica gel, high temperature resistant silica gel, food grade silica gel, etc., and the material of silica gel products used in our life is food grade silica gel.

Do you know how to identify food grade silica gel? Today, I'm going to teach you some tips to learn how to easily handle food grade silica gel identification.

Secret 1: smell. Will be silicone products close to the nose to smell, there is a pungent smell of ordinary silica gel, on the contrary is food grade silica gel. Ordinary silica gel with pungent smell, is not environmental protection silica gel. The food grade silica gel is non-toxic and tasteless, belonging to environmental protection silica gel.

Secret 2: pull hard. Take the silicone tube as an example. Hold the two ends of the silicone tube with your hand and pull it in the opposite direction. If it turns white and you can smell the pungent smell, it means that it is ordinary silica gel. On the contrary, it is food grade silica gel. (sometimes it won't turn white when it is pulled up. Because there are by-products generated in the production of vulcanization by the manufacturer, there will be a light smell, but it is also food grade silica gel, which will not affect the product quality, and this smell can be eliminated by itself).

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