How To Identify Food Grade Silicone Rubber II

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the use of silica gel products in our daily life is more and more common. Compared with Plastic products, silica gel products are more environmentally friendly, in line with people's green and healthy life concept. In fact, many materials in life are replaced by silica gel products.

Secret 3: baking. In addition to the special silica gel, the temperature resistance of ordinary silica gel can only reach about 150 degrees, while the food grade silica gel can withstand high temperature of 250 degrees and 350 degrees in a short time.


Secret 4: ask manufacturers or businesses to improve FDA food grade certification.


Food grade silica gel has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature resistance, stable chemical properties and high transparency. The silicone products made will not turn yellow with time. But the performance of ordinary silica gel is not so good, the products made of this kind of silica gel will not only have a great smell, but also will turn yellow or dark lines with the growth of time.


Although it is said that manufacturers generally do not use ordinary silica gel as food grade silica gel to deceive customers, if we can learn how to identify food grade silica gel, we will have our own discrimination ability, and my mother will no longer be afraid that I will buy silica gel products with poor performance and environmental protection.

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