How to identify genuine and fake of silicone products

silicone products is not know by many people in our daily life .Many people all think the silicone is often use in the computer CPU for heat dissipation .It is worry about that when we need the silicone ,we do not know how to choose the silicone products .Brief explain how to identify genuine and fake of silicone products as following :
Silicone products is widely used in our daily life . But many evil mind manufacture in order to save cost and acquisition of the maximization of profit .They made a lot of fake and inferior maggy silicone products . Those silicone products are contain harmful substances and harm to our healthy .To the contrary ,genuine silicone products are non-toxic ,colorless and tasteless .
From hand feeling ,the toughness and flexibility of silicone products is good .They are not easy to deformation by external force .The surface of silicone products is very smooth . The fake silicone products is easy to deformation and the hand feeling is rough .Because of the surface of fake silicone products has no milky material .
Genuine silicone products is non-toxic ,tasteless and colorless ,high quality silicone materials and harmless to healthy .But fake silicone products are also toxic , pungent smell and rough .
We also can identify the silicone materials by burning . When burning the silicone products ,the fake silicone products will produce black smoke, residues is black powder .But the genuine silicone products is produce white smoke and the residue is white powder .

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