How to identify true and false 3M masks

As air quality becomes more and more serious, and smog weather occurs in many places, people will buy anti-fog masks to protect their health. Due to the increase in demand for 3M masks, the fakes of 3M masks on the market are also coming. The more consumers will buy fake 3M masks if they are not careful, then how to identify fake 3M masks seriously, the following is a brief introduction to the majority of users, hoping to help everyone.

To understand the packaging, the first time you get a 3M mask, you need to check the outer packaging box of the mask. The true 3M mask packaging has text or English description on all four sides. Look at the product packaging. The fake 3M mask carton is relatively thin. The bottom of the carton. Secondly, in order to facilitate users to distinguish between true and false, 3M mask packaging boxes are generally sealed with discoloration-proof labels.

When the line of sight is perpendicular to the security label, the colors of the label from left to right are colorless, black, and red; when the line of sight and the security label are inclined at a certain angle, the colorless changes to blue-green, and the red and black on the right merge into One color. If the anti-counterfeit label does not change color, it means a fake 3M mask.

Recognize the shape, the design of the true 3M dust mask is face-shaped, which is convenient for the wearer to wear, without too many gaps exposed, and the face shape is much wider than the imitation; and the imitation is round, no It conforms to the design of the human face and is not tightly worn.

Smell, true 3M masks are non-toxic, odorless and non-allergenic. If there is a pungent odor, it must be fake. But some customers report why the appraisal is a real 3M mask. Will the package still smell a little? This is because the odor of the 3M mask comes from the mask material, such as the rubber material of the headband and the adhesive of the nose clip. If you find an odor, you can open the package, let the 3M mask be placed in a clean and ventilated environment for a period of time, and then use it after the taste dissipates.

Touch the metal piece of the mask. The metal nose clip on the 3M mask is very tightly adhered to the mask surface. No matter how you press the metal piece with your hand, the genuine product will not crack, and it will cling to the fabric without any empty space; The 3M mask will come off according to the metal sheet, revealing a large empty space. Masks that are loose or cracked when pulled by hand are definitely fake.

Wipe the words, you can wipe the true 3M mask with your hand, it will not fade, because it is printed with laser; the fake 3M mask will see fading when wiped, in order to save costs, the printing technology used is also very poor of.

Comparing the mouth of the mask, the sewing of the edge part of the genuine product is very good, and no extra thread is seen; the sewing technology of the imitation is relatively rough, and the thread is clearly visible.

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