How to judge a silicone rubber company good or bad?

Frist , we should know the company set up time . the company which established long years will having a good knowledge of their industy . Well understanding of the upgrading and quality of products .if a new company have a this product , maybe he bought it from another company .he is so young that he may not understand this product’s practice, and the scope of application . it doesn’t guarantee china, if you purchase this product . The company’s comprehensive strength and time of the establishment is very important .
Second. the company’s delivery time .it needs to consider by all the industry .the industry of silicone gift is update soon ,like Accessories, clothing .why ? for example ,this product is hot .but the supplier you find delivery time is slow ,you will lose the first market .if you lose your first market ,you will lose many customer .
How to judge a silicone rubber company good or bad?
Third ,We should notice that whether the company have the quality certificate about  silicone rubber parts when we choose a supplier .How to guarantee quality if the company have no certificate like many trade company and little company . maybe he bought it from another company , So he could earn the middle part of the profits . if he is not a silicone gift manufacturers , the price he give us is higher .our advantage in price will have a discount . maybe , it doesn’t guarantee delivery time and the quality.
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