How To Know If It’s A Melt Blown Cloth

We all know that the current mask is still in the phase of short supply, and then there are many "fake" masks in the market. The most important part of the mask is the melt blown cloth in the middle. This is why many mask manufacturers began to use non-woven cloth instead of melt blown cloth. We all know that the melt blown cloth is the soul of the mask. Without the melt blown cloth mask, there will be no ability to resist the virus. So how to judge that the mask you bought really contains melt blown cloth?

How To Know If It's A Melt Blown Cloth

With the increase of the demand for masks, many fake and shoddy mask manufacturers have taken advantage of the extremely inferior, cheap and substandard raw materials to seek benefits.

Some of them directly omit the most important melt blown cloth filter layer in the middle, and replace it with ordinary non-woven fabric, which does not play a role in filtering viruses, and may also cause harm to the body!


How to distinguish the authenticity of melted cloth? Let's get to know

1. The fusible spray cloth will melt when encountering fire, but will not burn. The paper will burn when encountering fire.

How To Know If It's A Melt Blown Cloth

2. There is static electricity in the melt blown layer of the melt blown cloth. If the melt blown layer is torn into strips, it will obviously feel the electrostatic adsorption effect, and it can also be adsorbed on the stainless steel.

3. The mask with melt blown cloth can absorb the paper scraps, and the mask without melt blown cloth cannot absorb the paper scraps.


  1. The fiber of melt blown fabric is thinner, density is higher than that of non-woven fabric, non transparent, showing white paper character, and the non-woven fabric is relatively sparse. After modification and electret treatment, the melt blown cloth has electrostatic adsorption capacity.

How To Know If It's A Melt Blown Cloth

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