How to make silicone gloves

silicone gloves are widely used in people's daily life. In addition to the features of anti scald, heat insulation and high temperature resistance, silicone gloves can also be used for cleaning meals / Kitchenware and other household cleaning work, and can also play the effect of labor protection. Some special style silicone gloves are designed with burr on the inside of the palm, which can not only easily pick up the fallen hair, but also can be used for bathing pets or infants, which is very practical.

So, how are silicone gloves made? Generally speaking, at present, the molding process of silicone products industry mainly includes mold oil pressure molding, liquid injection molding, drop molding, etc. In these current more common molding process, mold oil pressure molding is the production mode adopted by most manufacturers of silicone products, such as the processing and manufacturing of silicone gloves.

Specifically speaking, the manufacturing process of silicone gloves has the following steps: first, raw material preparation, raw rubber is weighed and mixed according to the amount of production required, and color blending is carried out according to customer color requirements. The second is mold oil pressure. The mixed rubber is placed properly, and the molding production personnel accurately weighs each product according to the gram number of each product, and then vulcanizes on the mold machine. The third is edge trimming. The silicone gloves just demoulded will have a certain proportion of rough edges, which need to be removed by the edge removal personnel with edge removal tools. Fourth, the appearance of the surface processing, such as oil injection, screen printing, etc. The fifth is the second quality inspection + packaging into the box, that is, the silica gel products factory will conduct a full inspection on the glove products to ensure that the quality meets the customer's delivery requirements and standards.

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